Custom Flight Case Specialists

Custom Flight Case Specialists

Experts in Providing Quality Protective Custom Flight Case Solutions

The Flight Case Specialists give our client’s premium quality protective products for use in every industry and market sector. We design and manufacture durable custom flight cases for any type of equipment. Whatever your need, you can rely on our proven experience, knowledge and ability to meet your specifications.

Giving each of our clients the best advice, design and manufacturing quality for complete peace of mind. 

We offer a total bespoke service, from consultancy, design and manufacture through to deliver your project on time, every time. No matter your budget our manufacturing team have scrupulous attention to detail so no project is half-hearted.

Our strength comes from our complete dedication to giving your equipment the best form of protection. Ability to really get to know our clients, their equipment and what they want. We ensure direct communication, complete clarity and in plain English.

Knowledge and ability in the manufacture flight cases has proven invaluable to our clients

Our Flight cases can be built from coloured laminate birch plywood, aluminium edging, aluminium locating trim, rugged steel corners, heavy-duty flip handles, lockable butterfly latches, catches, tough rubber feet, or lockable castor wheels and bespoke internal foam Lining.

Custom made flight cases are a much durable way for transporting for equipment. All flight cases are in-house using the highest quality materials.

Other materials we use are light-weight honeycomb plastics for weight issues or honeycomb aluminium for the larger lighter cases.


What are Flight Cases and how can they benefit my equipment?

Here’s a super quick description on what you need to know about flight cases and they can benefit your equipment.  So what do you need know about flight cases to get the best protect for your sensitive gear.Measuring Flight Case

It’s important to keep in mind that your goal is to transport your delicate equipment from one place to another safely. Without some form of protection the results are your gear will probably suffer.

In order to give safe transit it will reward you to spend a small bit of time and money on a custom flight case.

Take the time to measure up your goods properly. If you are wanting the very best protection this highly important for making everything fit safe and snug.

Contact us today to discuss your flightcase. Our experts look forward to working with you…..

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